A320 Captain
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Aug 25, 2014
A320 Captain
Gulf Air
Job Specification

Minimum Requirements

•    ICAO recognized ATPL (acceptable to Civil Aviation Authority of Bahrain)
•    Minimum of 5000 accumulated flying hours
•    Minimum of 1,000 hours Pilot in Command (PIC) on multi-engine jet civil registered
transport aircraft certificated for multi-crew operation
•    Minimum of 500 hours in command (PIC) on Airbus A320 family
•    Must have recorded most recent actual flight in actual A320 family aircraft during the past
18 months however preference will be given to candidates who have certified logbook entries showing
(a) 3 take off and landings in actual A320 family aircraft within last 90 days
(b) Completed A320 recurrent simulator during the last 12 months
•    ICAO English language Proficiency (ELP) Level 4 or above
•    Basic IT literacy
•    Be less than 56 years of age on the day of application

Job Description

• Basic: 7,950 USD
• Transport Allowance: 106 USD
• Housing: 1,855 USD for Married and 1,722 USD for Single
• Utilities: 127 USD for Married and 55.65 USD for Single
• Family Allowance: 110 USD
• Child Allowance: 33 USD PER CHILD
• Communication: 34.45 USD
• In Addition there is a flying allowance by block hours which is 15.9 USD per hour
• Duty Allowance of 3.97 USD per Hours from Sign IN to Sign OFF

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