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Our Approach

Inflight Crew Jobs

Not just another ordinary recruitment partner

We consider and feed ourselves over the fact that we specialize or are the best at what we do. Our goal has always been to get into the most complex and challenging questions before we begin with our clients, with a goal to understand clients vision, goal, mission.

This requires a lot of patience and commitment to each client equally. Once we understand these, it is then that we share this vision, mission within our team to go ahead and target / identify building the right team for our client. This is not an easy task since aviation industry revolves constantly, whereby KPI numbers might change by the next hour. The team of Inflight Crew Jobs are not just employees but rather fearless decision makers and brand ambassadors for our clients besides Inflight Crew Jobs. Which helps us achieve our goals, which are built over relationships as ‘Relationships matter’. This has been the main reason of success over the years.

Our mission is to continue to stay on this path, which is not an easy task but it can be done with a ‘Can do’ attitude. In next 5 years Inflight Crew Jobs plans to diversify into cruise ship industry or we never know we might be the pioneers once again into providing air crew for space travel industry. Our goals is to hold on to this vision, what is invisible to the others. As we are not afraid to try!



Self-awareness, Self-assertion, Personal Development, Leadership, Adaptability


Self-motivation, Self-knowledge, Self-control, Self-confidence, Self-regard, Expressing Emotions, Optimism, Resilience, Assertiveness, Flexibility, Dealing with Diversity, Mediation, Empathy, Tactfulness and Motivating

Our Achievements

  • 22 Global Destinations

  • 1257 Non-Type rated pilots assessed

  • 3140 Type rated pilots for Boeing and Airbus assessed

  • 281000 Cabin Crew candidates assessed

Image by NASA

Our Global Network

Inflight Crew Jobs has offices, official representatives and/or operates with partners in the following countries:


Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Albania, Italy, Kosovo, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korea, Tunisia, Algeria, Dubai.

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